About Us

Hi. It's me.
I'm part of the team
building the new website;
still in the works,
inserting, pasting,


Hi. It's me.

I'm what ya call an interest-grabber. I'm part of the team behind the new website.

The old site went out for a Spudnut, and, as the song goes "never went back",

so, let's just move on.


Here's a few tips for a new attitude and a fresh start:

1. Change your name.

2. Move to a new country.

3. Adopt a regional dialect.


Chin up or good riddance; that's what they say around these parts; 

what we say.

Around here.


The name's Farnsworth. That's what you can call me now,


but say it like Tom Bosley on Murder She Wrote: "Farnsworth!?"

Go ahead. Say it aloud.

That's it; with an interrobang happy ending.

Let me introduce you to someone:

She's a real excitement-generator!


That's what I'd call her.

Everyone, this is Brandy! 

FFS, Farnsworth!

Okay, Hi.
It's Brandi with an 'i', actually---

And Farnswor

FFS, Farnsworth! Excitement-generator?

Okay, Hi. It's Brandi with an 'i', actually---

And Farnsworth, adding a Spudnut image

to "Hungry Heart"?



I manage the ALBUMS page which will take you

to the Merge Records store.

The vinyl reissue of "dents & shells" was re-issued on vinyl as of 11/22/19 just in time last year for the holidaze, if you're into that.

I used to be;

long story.

BTW, there's an EVENTS page as well, w/ links to:

1. a tumblr. blog,

2. an Instagram gallery

3. and whatever Twitter supposes it is. 

Yeah, yeah; heart me, heart me... etc.

There are a few events planned but they'll probably be cancelled due to the you-know-what. When the side-show re-opens, repurposed plans will be made.

They'd better be; websites don't pay for themselves.

At least, this one doesn't.

We'll let you know if you sign up for the email list or by the usual social media suspects.

It's why Jesus made Twitter.


Jeez, here:

JTBC, I don't do Twitter.

And Brandy/Brandi, doesn't even get "The River".

She's more of a "Nebraska"-type: dark & tense.

Just ask Farnsworth; they used to go out;

before he went by Farnsworth;

when he was just Kip.

What's that even short for?

Anyhoo, I don't have a website. I'm more of a brick & mortar guy.

Franchises everywhere.

Weekends are our busiest days.

Funny how destiny finds you:

My wood-shop biz went belly-up after some permit violations.

Turned out to be a miracle.

With the extra time on my hands I started throwing pop-up interventions and they really took off!

Nailed a good logo, lobbied for tax incentives and Behold!

Suddenly I'm a savior!



If I can just interject...

Thanks, JC, but I'd like to upgrade for no commercials, okay?

Bye & bye, lord.

This is Fritz:

Brandi & Kip's proof of a tryst that went on too long between Boxing Day eve and a New Years Day morning sloppy hangover some years back.

I might be a teenager but can't tell because of the make-up.

And, yeah, I'm half-Canadian. So, what?

I consider myself a deal-closer, but I'm somehow in charge of the CONTACT page.

For inquiries about booking or hosting or licensing

or whatever your hang-up is, ya gotta go through me,

Got it?

I sit at a little desk in an attic twiddling my clown-glove thumbs,

just waiting.

It's a living.

I also live up there.

I also write verse.

Kinda dark shit.

You might like it. 


If I may:

As a Spudnut (TBC, maple nut variety), I believe that Mr. Springsteen would never exploit our community for artistic purposes.

Also, the clown freaks me out.