Hi. It's me.

I'm part of the team

building the new website;

still in the works,

inserting, pasting, etc...

 The old site went out

for a Spudnut,

and, as the song goes

"never went back",

so, let's just move on.

Toast in the new year

with a new attitude

and a fresh start.

Maybe change your name.

Move to a new country.

Adopt a regional dialect.


Chin up or good riddance;

that's what they say

around these parts;

what we say.

Around here.


The name's Farnsworth.

That's what you can call me now,


but say it like Tom Bosley

on Murder She Wrote:


Go ahead. Say it aloud.

That's it;

with an interrobang

happy ending.

Let me introduce you to someone:


Everyone, this is Brandy!


It's Brandi with an 'i', actually---

FFS, Farnsworth!

And adding a Spudnut image

to "Hungry Heart"?

Whatever. So,

I just finished the ALBUMS page

which will take you

to the Merge Records store.

The vinyl reissue of

"dents and shells" is out

as of 11/22.

Just in time for the holidaze,

if you're into that.

I used to be;

long story.


there's an events page as well,

w/ links to a tumblr. blog,

an Instagram gallery

and whatever Twitter

supposes it is.

Yeah, yeah; heart me, heart me...


There aren't any events

planned yet,

but there'd better be;

websites don't pay for themselves.

At least,

this one doesn't.

We'll let you know.

It's why Jesus made Twitter.


Jeez, here.


I don't do Twitter.

And Brandy/Brandi,

doesn't even get "The River".

She's more of a "Nebraska"-type:

dark & tense.

Just ask Farnsworth;

they used to go out;

before he went by Farnsworth;

when he was just Kip.

What's that even short for?


I don't have a website.

I'm more of a brick & mortar guy.

Franchises everywhere.


are our busiest days.

Funny how destiny finds you.

My wood-shop biz

went belly-up

after some permit violations.

Turned out to be a miracle.

With the extra time on my hands

I started throwing pop-up


and they really took off!

Nailed a good logo,

lobbied for tax incentives

and Behold!

Suddenly I'm a savior!



If i can just interject...

Thanks, JC,

but I'd like to upgrade

for no commercials, okay?

Bye & bye, lord.

This is Fritz:

Brandi & Kip's proof

of a tryst that went on too long

between Boxing Day eve

and a New Years Day morning

sloppy hangover

some years back.

I might be a teenager

but can't tell

because of the make-up.

And, yeah,

I'm half-Canadian.

So, what?

I'm in charge of the contact page.

For inquiries

about booking or hosting or licensing

or whatever your hang-up is,

ya gotta go through me,

Got it?

I sit at a little desk in an attic

twiddling my clown-glove thumbs,

just waiting.

It's a living.

I also live up there.

I also write poetry.

Kinda dark shit.

You might like it.


if i may

As a Spudnut (TBC, maple nut variety) I believe that Mr. Springsteen would never exploit our community for artistic purposes. 

Also, the clown freaks me out.